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On October 8th the MOA Expertise Center organises the fourth edition of the Digital Analytics Congres. With a central role for knowledge sharing, networking and (f)empowerment it promises to be a very memorable edition. With great international top speakers, who want to share their inspiring vision on current topical topics and practical tips with you. Make sure you are there and enrich your network, knowledge and analytical skills.

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Chairman of the day | Opening

Laure van Ravensberg will be the chair(wo)men of the Digital Analytics Congress. Laure is specialized in both digital analytics and programmatic. She works as a Digital Customer Journey Marketeer at Vattenfall / Nuon. She helps teams with their digital strategy on all channels and focuses on making data-driven decisions. She is also the organizer of Women in Analytics.

Laure van Ravensberg




Expertsession 1

How to cope with Intelligent Tracking Prevention?  

In December 2015, Apple hired John Wilander for the Security Engineer position. Since then, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention algorithm was under construction. John claims that third-party data sharing is bad for the user and bad for the web. On the other hand, web analytics specialists think that Apple uses ITP to root out competitors’ advertising businesses, and not to protect its users from tracking. Prohibition of cross-domain tracking does not only affect advertising businesses but also businesses hosting websites on multiple domains. Therefore, it is time to act.
Apple released the first tracking preventing version inside a Safari browser on February 21st, 2019. Apart from restraining the cross-domain tracking possibilities, the algorithm limited cookie lifetime to 7 days. Each latest version of a Safari browser includes updates to the Intelligent Tracking Prevention algorithm. Usually, every new edition of a digital tool is more refined, but in case of a Safari browser, every version is more destructive towards the data collection.
With a May 13th, 2019 release, ITP limited all cookies’ lifetime to 24 hours. The implications of ITP are severe. If a Safari user does not return to the website within 24 hours, this user does not get the returning visitor status. Consecutively, if a session does not end with a goal within seven days, a conversion is not getting attributed to the same visit.
Discover how severely ITP affects your site and which solutions will help to solve your problems.

Marta Saratowicz  


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Expertsession 2

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Data centralisation & Online personalisation: two factors to create a better user experience

As a Telco, KPN is operating in a very competitive environment. Customer expectations are rising: they expect companies to understand their needs and deliver a personal experience. Discover how data centralization and online personalisation helps KPN to meet its customers’ expectations and deliver a better user experience.

Roos van Duren
 & Marie Othats 



Analytics is a product – treat it as such

With analytics finally taking center stage, you are thinking “But what is next?” The truth is you are already further on the path than you might imagine. Every analytics project, be it instrumentation, analysis, or advanced modeling you embark on is already on its way to being a product. The only part missing is you treating it as such. Move from data projects to data products and take the next step in moving your company and yourself forward. 

Prolet Miteva  


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Acting on your analytics data in an increasingly cookieless world  

Recent regulatory and browser changes are making it increasingly challenging to collect, connect & analyse cookie-based data. The future is unsure. Discover how data can still be activated within the scope of recent changes, and how some of our largest clients have approached this challenge. The recent launch of the App + Web Properties Beta in Google Analytics marks the beginning of a whole new way to unify app and website data. This talk will take you through the new cross-platform possibilities.

Weiwei Liu-Schröder


Expertsession 3

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Listening to your customers: do you know what they really need?  

In today’s rapidly changing society, it’s crucial to stay up to date on your customers’ needs. When you tailor new products to (predicted) trends instead of measuring customer satisfaction in hindsight, you’re always one step ahead. In this session, we’ll dive into social listening, a method for analyzing your customers’ needs, and see how our non-profit client RNW Media used it to support the advocacy work of other Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights organizations.

Marieke Schulte  


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Expertsession 4

Thinking outside the box. People, Data and Outcomes  

Working with the increased amount of data available forces business and analytics professionals to think out of the box. Discover all about the data vs. human behaviour, the influence on your work as an analyst and how to make the most effective impact on the final business outcomes.

Geddy van Elburg



How to teach programming (and other things)?  

Everyone should learn programming, right? Yes! But how... Should we allow children to explore and learn about syntax on their own, or should we drill programming like we rote memorize the table of multiplication or German grammatical cases? Felienne's talk outlines this history of programming education and didactics beliefs in programming that lead to the prevalence of exploratory forms of teaching, starting with Papert's LOGO. She will then explore programming education in relation to mathematics and language education and explore how rote learning could look like for programming. Felienne will discuss her own research into misconceptions and code phonology as means to teach programming more effectively.

Felienne Hermans  


Chairman of the day | Closing


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