How data is driving digital transformation in the media sector


Geoffrey van Meer RTL
Expertsessie 10.20 - 10.55 uur

The media industry is changing rapidly. People watch content more and more on demand – what, when and where they like it. The use of online video services such as Netflix and Videoland are growing in popularity. At RTL Nederland, a media and entertainment company, the role of intelligence increases. There are a wide variety of use cases like segmentation, churn, recommendations, forecasting, price optimization and many more. Geoffrey van Meer is Head of Data Intelligence at RTL Nederland. He leads the Data Intelligence team of data architects, data engineers and data scientists. In an agile way Data Intelligence team builds data science products creating business value for RTL and exploring new data-driven innovations - following a product life cycle. In his presentation Geoffrey will share a number of practical examples on how data science contributes to digital media developments, for example successful use cases for analyzing video content.


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