Robert Feltzer

Robert-Feltzer-272x190Performing People Based Marketing for over 30 years with leading companies in retail, finance, telco, lottery, publishing, FMCG, automotive and charity combining data driven marketing creativity with analytical and technological possibilities to make companies spend less money while gaining better results.

Experienced in making data driven marketing work. Hands-on, no-nonsense mentality.

Specialized in gaining return on (customer) data by acquiring and keeping customers through the use of data, data science, technology, tooling and cross channel integration while complying to privacy legislation and respecting the customer. Frequently publishing and presenting knowledge and experiences regarding Identity Management, Advanced Intelligence and Customer Experience Management.

Expertsessie 14.25 - 15.00 uur Eindelijk. Waar we al jaren over praten kan nu echt: cross-channel customer experience management.


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